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Cardboard Gangsters – Film Review

Director: Mark O’ Connor Starring: John Connors, Kierston Wareing and Paul Alwright Release Date: 16 Jun The continual poverty-fetishisation in Irish gangster films is something that bears discussion. For too long now have the working class suffered a…

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The Journey – Film Review

Director: Nick Hamm Starring: Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney, Freddie Highmore and John Hurt Release Date: 5 May The Journey begins in 2006, as the St Andrews Agreement is being negotiated between British/Irish governments and Northern Ireland’s political parties…

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I Am Not a Serial Killer – Film Review

Director:  Billy O’Brien Starring: Max Records, Laura Fraser and Christopher Lloyd Release Date:  Dec 9 There’s no denying it: there is a fascinating aspect to the minds of serial killers. You can’t help but be invested in their…