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Here They Lie: PSVR Review

I’ve never been a huge fan of horror games. While playing games I don’t particularly enjoy being uncomfortable or on edge. Weirdly though, once I’ve finished playing the game, and I’m safe again, I do love to recount…

Video Game Reviews

Batman Arkham VR : Review

If there is one must have title to showcase your new PSVR headset to your friends, then Batman Arkham VR is it. It is easily the most impressive of the launch titles we have tried so far. While…

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Introducing: Nintendo Switch

It has finally arrived –  Nintendo have unveiled the newest addition to the console roster, in the form of the Nintendo Switch. Scheduled for worldwide release in March 2017, the Switch combines home and portable play into one….

Video Game Reviews

Harmonix Music VR : Review

Despite coming from the studio behind Rock Band, Harmonix Music VR isn’t a game. It is a “VR Experience”. This is a phrase that you will see and hear quite often in the launch window. As devs get…