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Far Cry Primal Review

Ubisoft take the tried and tested Far Cry formula and reinvigorate it by setting it in the most unlikely of settings, the Stone Age. In doing so they allow the player to experience what is essentially a reskin of…

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Ratchet & Clank Review PS4

At a time when HD remastering is rampant calling Ratchet & Clank a remastering, or even a reboot, would be doing it a disservice. Although technically it is a retelling of the story from the original PS2 classic,…

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Quantum Break Review 

It is the long history of playing with “time” that allows creators Remedy games (Max Payne and Alan Wake) to inject that little bit “extra” in to Quantum Break to set it apart from other time bending shooters…

Tom Clancy's The Division Review Video Game Reviews

Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

At long last Tom Clancy’s The Division has been released, but was it worth the wait? You better believe it! Black Friday in New York, a virus is purposely placed on to some cash and sent into circulation….

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XCOM 2: Review

After the resounding critical and commercial success of XCOM: Enemy Within, it came as no surprise that Firaxis Games were given the go ahead on a sequel. Huge efforts were made to cut out the inconsistencies and to…