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Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – Review

Set in Greece in the year 431 BCE, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’s story revolves around the Peloponnesian War where Athens and Sparta wage war to gain control of various parts of Greece. You play as a mercenary, fighting for…

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Solbot Energy Rush – Review

Solbot Energy Rush is a casual mobile game for both Android and iOS, where you play as a robot and collect renewable energy resources as part of a space mission. It’s an easy game to jump straight into…

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Free Mega Man 11 Downloadable Demo Out Now

Everyone looking forward to the highly anticipated Mega Man 11 can test their mettle ahead of the game’s 2nd October release. Take on the formidable chunky boy himself, Block Man in the new free downloadable demo, available now…

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THE CREW® 2 – Review

The sequel to Ubisoft Ivory Tower’s octane-fuelled The Crew has taken everything that made the first game great and expanded on it in spades – but leaves itself short in other areas. Instead of having “crews” or a set…

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We. The Revolution Preview.

Note: We got this early Preview Alpha build of “We. The Revolution” from Klabater (the game’s publisher). It represents a 30-40 mins window of the full game and is missing some upcoming updates such as the voice acting which…

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Code Vein Delayed until 2019

Sad news for those waiting on Code Vein this September, Bandai Namco has announced the release date has been moved to 2019. They don’t specify when in 2019, so let us keep our fingers crossed for the beginning portion….